Watch Video Of Cardi B Screams During Offset Police Detain

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As reported, Cardi B still believe Offset, her husband isn’t waving gun during Trump supporters. But below is all yelling from Cardi B while trying to prove the Migos rapper is not on gun During the rally.

During that moment, the WAP rhymer said Offset is not even with gun. From the video shared obtained from Dailymail, you will her saying “Why is there a gun?,” Cardi B asks. “Why are you pointing a gun at him?.” Meanwhile, the Migos member can also be heard saying, “I’m not going nowhere.”

Offset also tried to clear himself since the police man was pointing gun at him, telling him to pullover but the rapper resist. He said he can’t do that while the policeman at the same time pointing gun at him.

. “I’m not doing no orders,” Offset said. “You got guns out pointed at me, bro.” He later says, “I’m not doing that, because you got guns out. I’m not fittin’ to move my hand from my steering wheel.” You can also watch below.

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