Reasons Why Meek Mill EXPENSIVE PAIN On Backslash Level

Meek Mill released his new album, probable only his fans and supports are grooving with EXPENSIVE PAIN which you can refer to as E and P album.

So have you streamed the album and what if the album is worth listening to but from other corners, it couldn’t meet some certain standard?

EXPENSIVE PAIN was previously criticised by one of Meek Mill’s all-time foes, DJ Akademiks. He called it “Expensive Flop” but we believe that was because their famous beef is still going nowhere anytime soon.

Apart from DK Akademiks striving to give no relevance to EXPENSIVE PAIN album, there is another faulty aspect few people pointed out and it’s the album artwork which shows naked Black women, including some bent over with their legs open, and while it didn’t create a hoopla when the record was released, it has caused a firestorm this week.

TMZ also reported that the same issue as a man was shouting and pointing out what is exactly wrong with Meek Mill art cover for his new album. Meek Mill had placed his E P art cover on public buses but looks like it’s not quite interesting to most folks.

Meek Mill expensive pain art

However, Meek Mill still can’t give a listening ear to what might have been around his best album so far but he has used the album to show us ‘Squid Game’ to ‘Hood Poverty’: ‘It’s the Exact Same Thing.’

You can watch the Expensive Pain video on Amahiphop U.S PMVC October to understand how the rapper flashes back to a time when he was hustling and trying to make it as a wealthy artist who could provide for himself and his family. “It’s easy to pull the trigger, but it ain’t easy to pull your mom out the ‘hood. That’s a real man’s job,” he says in a voice-over recording.

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