Nas Drops new Single “BIG NAS”

Grammy winning rapper, Nas returns to music with a new single, Big Nas. The king disease rapper release the single together with his Masterclass. Masterclass is an online educational platform that allows users to learn about skills and trades from big names in their respective fields.

With the help of Hit boy, Nas in his single talked about his existence to the world and the success of his family. The rapper shouts out to his daughter and also shared some words of wisdom to encourage listeners as he paid homage to late rapper and friend, DMX.


“Imagine another rapper making me perspire / I got more styles and more flows, plus I’m much flyer,” he raps over the soulful beat before touting his legacy. “Big Nas, old money, new money / Rap money, tech money, flex money / What’s next, you funny.”

“My daughter’s a businesswoman, I’m so proud of her, my son, he’s almost twelve and he’s so knowledgeable, new music, new content, new programming, I ran the gamut, got my hands in everything like kids with bad manners, save the high school banter, at night school you studied my life lookin’ for answers, I hear my callin’, heart poundin’ down my chest, wish I could bring back X, God bless…”

The music video features dance moves from Cadijah Dussard, a new York dancer showing her best moves. Speaking of master class, the rapper told complex that it would be good for rappers, producer’s and artist to get an inside scoop of it.

“MasterClass is a great thing for people to get the inside scoop on what’s going on with artists, producers, actors, and people,I think it’s dope that we take time out of our lives to sit down and think about what it took for us to get here, and think about our journey and share it with people in a way that’s different than we ever did before.”

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