Lil Wayne and Lil Baby Drags Most Featured 2021 Rapper

2021, a year with relentless drop. 2020 Pandemic gave most of our favorite artists a sharp but blunt slow down on career. Not this year, it’s going to happen again because many rappers and crooners are just proactive.

None of you might have expected Eminem to feature on new songs or it’s even beyond that. Sure Eminem isn’t the only rapper with couple of potential features from hip-hop peers. Artists like Lil Wayne, Lil Baby and more have gotten may be countless features more that Eminem.

From Amahiphop top 2021 compilations, there you will be able to get access across new combinations featuring both Eminem, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Future, Young Thug, and more rappers whom we have compiled their 2021 songs.

So, whose 2021 songs compilation have you been streaming on Amahiphop. Sure Lil Wayne and Lil Baby have been getting a ton of features respectively. A good detective fan should be able to figure out between Lil Wayne and Lil Baby has the most incredible comeback this year.

You can stream Lil Wayne’s 2021 songs here with all the features so far this year while Lil Baby has his 2021 song catalog here.

Lil Wayne released his Funeral album was released earlier in January 2021 and also released the deluxe edition in April, same that year. Lil Baby’s last project came as a joint album The Voice and The Heroes Album¬†with Lil Durk which you can also stream on Lil Baby’s 2021 songs and lyrics.

These two rappers are working on new album but have been on related songs while working new studio album. Lil Wayne has had enough features since this same thing with Lil Baby who also appeared on Drake’s Certified Lover Boy and Kanye West DONDA album.

According to Amahiphop, the 2021 most featured artists/rappers will likely to Lil Wayne and Lil Baby be the most featured artist in 2021 will be announced in January 2022 their songs are being compiled differently.

What’s your rate, Lil Wayne or Lil Baby.

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