Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Has Christina Aguilera Signed

Jay-Z’s Roc has had widespread recognitions since it’s inception from 2008. Having Incorporated with powerhouse hip-hop rappers and singers like Meek Mill for prison reform, Rihanna, Megan Thee Stallion and more from international super-stras.

The Roc Nation is quite growing probably beyond expectation but really doing good to varieties. Roc Nation is mostly linked to branches dedicated to social justice, artist management, sports, film, and everything in-between.

So what’s new in their catalog of management. Well isn’t new hearing the R Nation signed new artist but it’s super interesting as Christina Aguilera get signed to Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation. Source told Amahiphop that no formal announcement was made. Instead, her name and bio magically appeared on the label’s official website.

The time Megan Thee Stallion was signed, it was on a low but swirled through social media and later confirmed.

However, this is all good as Hov continue to expand his lucrative portfolio as a traditional rapper especially as minded business man.

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