Dr.Dre recieves divorce papers at his grandmothers funeral

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American rapper,Andre Romelle Young has be having though times since he’s marriage is finally falling apart. The rapper was ordered by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge to pay his ex wife, Nicole Young, $293,306 monthly in spousal support. Dre will stop paying once he enters a new partnership or marriage as he is to pay he’s ex on the first of every month.

The now divorced couples are fighting over their prenup as Young said they signed a prenup before they got married but claimed Dre tore it some years into their marriage but Dre denied this accusations.

Dr Dre and wife

Young and Dre are still waiting for the courts final decision as Young had previously demanded $1,936,399 in monthly spousal support and attorney’s fees that added up to $5 million. Asides that, Young’s attorney made it clear that the rapper would be taking care of Young’s health insurance and also “continue paying the expenses for the Malibu, and Pacific Palisades homes”.


Just recently during Dre’s grandmothers burial on Monday, he was approached with his divorce papers while standing next to his Grandma’s casket. Young filed a divorce citing that the had irreconcilable differences. According to his team, the divorce papers issued on the day Was relating to some legal fees of $1.55million (£1.12million) that Dre owe to Young following a judge’s ruling last month. The rapper has already paid more than $325,433 (£235,551).

Dr Dre and young

Dr Dre is the genus behind the “Beat by Dre’s” headphones and has a huge victory when it comes to hip-hop. He is set to drop a new album with his friends and previous collaborator, snoop Dogg. His upcoming album will be a follow up of his last album dropped in 2015 and is said to be released by year end.

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