Chris Brown Feels GOAT with Lil Wayne

Chris and is another living RnB GOAT most minds think of not. But what if you are not supporting the crooner in any aspect of his career. Well there are many who favorite Chris Brown than Drake, Mars and lot more on your roaster of Greatest Of All Time.

What makes Chris Brown legend isn’t figured from 50 Cent who once label the Heat singer as bigger than Michael Jackson, of this time. I think you remember what am talking about.

To me Chris Brown is just GOAT under RnB genre and comparing himself with Lil Wayne is another level of Goat he noted last year. Last year he reacted reaching the GOAT level with Lil Wayne. Cool that wasn’t competition inline with Liltunechi, though the deed action he shared on Instagram was to clarify his Greatest status.

Chris Brown RnB Goat

Chris Brown Ties Lil Wayne for second most top 10 as billboard reads. Chris Brown feeling so GOAT is totally supported both 50 Cent, Justin Bieber who also claimed no one can touch Chris Brown. “No one can touch you ur the GOAT.” That was actually a live tribute from Justin Bieber to Chris Brown. Below you can see all Chris Brown GOAT offers those artists.

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