About Us

Amahiphop is a hip-hop online blog that provides information concerning hip-hop and its activities. Is a blog that started its journey in 2016 with an official domain called Xclusivestars but owning to some circumstances it was migrated from the previous name to amahiphop. In a simple synopsis, Amahiphop media, in 2019 implemented Amahiphop music videos compilations as Us Premium Music Videos Compilation (PMVC) and Nigerian Music Videos Compilation (NPMVC).

Same that year, Amahiphop had to starts artists compilations. This includes songs from a particular rapper or singer who has been actively dropping songs and getting a ton of features in the present year. It’s an exclusive compilation just like Us PMVC and NPMVC and being moderated by Amahiphop staff. While our video compilations maintain seasonally, artists comes yearly with a regular update.

Gratefully, our assiduousness keeps pointing to a specific niche that’s all about old and new hip-hop. Amahiphop is multifarious online media that combine local and international hip-hop updates from respective geographical personal. We participate in services like interviews, albumsvideosmusic and also render a breaking news highlight, probably that shows exactly the thing we are doing here. More information will be updated as soon as we keep gathering more on our terms and privacy.  

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