Jay-Z Sues His Photographer “Jonathan Mannion” for Exploitation & Selling Photos Without Permission

Jonathan Mannion is a famous photographer who has done some great shooting contract, not only for Hov, also for other related hip-hop names.

So why the sue erupt? However, it looks like doing some stuff about Jay Z with his consent is not legally acceptable by Jay himself. Mannion who most have done photo coverage for Jay-Z is now reported sued by the rapper for selling his photos without permission.

The Hip-Hop mogul Jay Z filed a lawsuit where he claims that Jonathan Mannion and his company Jonathan Mannion Photography LLC is exploiting his name and likeness without permission, reports TMZ. Hov claims that Jonathan has his image and name all over his website where he sells photos shot during the Reasonable Doubt era for thousands of dollars.

Jay says that when he asked Jonathan to stop doing it, he demanded tens of millions of dollars in return. Jay claims Mannion is making an “arrogant assumption that because he took those photographs, he can do with them as he pleases.”

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