Dr Dre Feat. Kendrick Lamar and Eminem For New Album ?

It’s even easier to explode stuffs about this three hip-hop traditional names. Like Dre is getting Eminem and K. Dot on a single.

Well, this will possibly be a good news, infact many has been sent into frenzy after two persons who are commonly linked to Dr Dre and Lamar posted on Twitter about what will sooner or later.

Grammy Award-winning producer and Dre frequent collaborator Fredwreck posted a photo on Twitter along with the Dre, Em and K-Dot on Wednesday (April 28). Fredwreck simply captioned the photo, “Beats n Rhymes 🎙 #shady #aftermath,” which could be seen as a reference to he and Dre making beats and Shady and Kendrick being the MCs.

Fans couldn’t keep the nonchalant reactions after a photo with Dre, Em and K. Dot attached with suspicious text which made hip-hop fans recite on Dr Dre’s upcoming album.

Having this two hip-hop sensations, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar on Dr Dre’s feature album, it will definitely give hip-hop more positive recognition. Just like DJ Khaled Khaled Khaled Album restored Jay-Z and Nas on no Sorry Not Sorry with new video.

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