Watch DJ Khaled Thankful Video Feat. Lil Wayne On Amahiphop US PMVC May

On of the trending albums right now is DJ Khaled’s album Khaled Khaled, released last month been April.

The album featured slew of hip up-hop profile rappers including Jay-Z, Nas, Drake and Lil Wayne who assisted Khaled on Thankful, one of the 13 tracks that made the album.

While Amahiphop US PMVC May just started few days back, Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled have linked back with Thankful official video you are about to watch the video on Amahiphop US hip-hop compilation.

Thankful video is the second video from Khaled Khaled album. Just after Sorry Not Sorry featuring both Jay-Z and Nas on Amahiphop US PMVC April.

Meanwhile the video has been added on May 2021 videos with other related videos updated so far. It’s also clear to not that Thankful is another song you should be streaming on Lil Wayne 2021 songs as well.

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