Nigerian Music Legend D’Banj Joins Amahiphop NPMVC; Watch Ikebe Video

D’Banj is back ! He’s back with new official premium premiered music video on Amahiphop NPMVC for the month March 2021.

Banj really knows how to electrify this fandom. You know 2021 a year of regaining lost energy and D’Banj is no longer self-isolating , he did deliver new music few months back which he called Ikebe.

Sure, that was a surprise release yet again the exporter and importer has finally join Amahiphop videos compilaton with one his most recent single Ikebe.

Watch: US PMVC March 2021

Watching Amahiphop premium premiered music videos for the month March 2021, then it’s very simple to say lot of smart videos have been contributed by Nigerian artists and D’BANJ isn’t exceptional.

To watch Nigeria Premium Music Videos Compilation NPMVC for March you can check out here.

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