Young M.A, Kelvin Gate, Ariend Grands and More Shares New Music Video On Amahiphop US PMVC – Watch

Today being 12 of February, at least new video from both Ariend Grands 34+35 remix, Young M.A Off The Yak and Kevin Gate Plug Daughter are videos updated on Amahiphop US PMVC Feb.

Young M.A’s Off The Yak is her new music accompanied with the premium premiered video. It’s also a sign she’s working on new project which announced as Off The Yak. To watch this video check it on Amahiphop US PMVC.

Another video is Kelvin Gate. Gate’s music front has absolutely gone radio silent. He was quite active towards the end of last year as he dropped a few songs, including the two pack ‘Give It All I Got’ & ‘Amsterdam (Rooftop Luv)’.

Following a little break, the Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper has returned to the scene with a new song called ‘Plug Daughter 2’ along with an exotic music video. Watch it below. The original ‘Plug Daughter‘ was released back in 2015, as part of his Luca Brasi 2: Gangsta Grillz project.

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