Wiz Khalifa Shares New Song & Video ‘Dreams’ with 24hrs On Amahiphop US PMVC Feb

Since 2021 wiz Khalifa has been a good rapper-artist for his fans. He continues to roll out new songs and videos and seeing it once in this then it shouldn’t be a new stuff but it’s all good.

Today Wiz Khalifa and 24hrs have joined force again for new song and video which is called Dreams.

The Dreams song is another song of Wiz Khalifa’s videos on Amahiphop US PMVC Feb. 2021. It’s also a song following his ‘CHICKEN WITH THE CHEESE’ video and AIN’T SHIT FREE music video.

However, Wiz Khalifa is now having about couple of videos on Amahiphop US PMVC Feb. Dreams comes the second while Chicken With The Cheese first. Watch below below or you can stream all hip-hop music videos for February here.

It seems to be shot in the same studio and during the same sessions as the last two but there is no word if he’s planning to include them on a project. Check it out below.

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