Omah Lay, Joeboy Shares New Music Video On Amahiphop NPMVC Feb – Watch

Joeboy is back but to give recognition to his debuted album. Joeboy today release his FOCUS official music video which appears on Amahiphop NPMVC Feb. Not the first time Joe dropped new music video for his Somewhere Between Beauty & Magic album.

Really those month has been a little bit stressful although only few Nigerian singers and rapper shared new video for this month compilation just like Joeboy.

Climax was the last Nigerian rapper with Inugo video yet Jeoboy, Omah Lay joined the February video compilation with Ajebo Hustlers Pronto song.

Below you can watch JoeBoy and Ajebo Hustlers Pronto song video featuring Omah Lay or you watch all Amahiphop February NPMVC here.

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