Floyd Mayweather Didn’t Void 50 Cent’s Boxing Later, He Accept to Fight Him

Asking 50 Cent why he wouldn’t want fight the heavyweight champ then he will tell you it’s because of size and weight of course.

50 Cent made clear he will like to beat Floyd Mayweather but their sizes aren’t good meanwhile 50 turned it off owing to Floyd is too small to hit.

It’s kind of a later to Floyd after hearing “I don’t think I can make weight, though,” Fif answered when asked by host, Big Tigger, if he would be willing to square up with anyone in the ring. “I’d fight Floyd if I can get down, closer to the [weight]. Or he could just let me not have to get down to 150.” 

But Floyd Mayweather didn’t void 50 Cent’s planning to come after him rather accept to defeat 50 Cent.

Floyd Mayweather voiced out via Instagram post were he admits he will fight 50 Cent irrespective of those excuses 50 Cent mentioned as weight and size.

“I also heard that 50 cent would fight me but claims I’m too small. If he wants to lace up at the end of the year, we can do an exhibition then. I don’t care about weight class with any of these guys. The Paul brothers will make great money with the events, but with 50 cent It has to be ‘Winner Take All,” Floyd responded to 50 Cent.

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