Asian Doll Praises Kodak Black; He Has Changed A Lot

Asian Doll isn’t shy to say what she might’ve figured out since Kodak Black found this career under hip-hop.

We all also understood the fact he was pardon recently along with Lil Wayne and someother high profile inmates by formal president Donald Trump.

Kodak Black during his serving, the rapper faced slew of challenges even get beaten by guards. He also sued prison doctor and the prison guards for torturing him.

So, the Florida rapper has been into lot of mess but Asian Doll wants to testify for him by letting her opinion on The Neighborhood Talk, where Kodak Black was discussed.

According to Asian, “He’s changed a lot cause he’s been through a lot from being in the highest maximum security prison in the US at his young age,” she commented. “Let’s not forget he was getting beat on by the guards writing letters acting us to HELP imagine that ….. so to me he look like he wanna break down.”

Kodak haven pardon by Donald Trump, the Every Balmain rapper is still facing a case in South Carolina where he stands accused of sexually assaulting a woman. It’s reported that prosecutors are trying to have him taken into custody for those charges.

But he has shared couple of song Every Balmain and Last Day In.

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