Wiz Khalifa Releases New Music Video “Ain’t Sh*t” Free” On Amahiphop US PMVC Jan.

Wiz Khalifa wants to more betterment of 2021 meanwhile the Taylor Gang Megastar is here not only for Amahiphop US PMVC Jan but has shown he’s truly solving major problem for his dad.

Just earlier January Wiz Khalifa gave us new mixtape FUCC2020. Well that was actually a surprise we had from him since this year, although more are on the way.

You know what, it’s safe to saying just drop new music video, a song outside of his last mixtape. The song is called Ain’t Shi*t Free, assisted by Taylor Gang signee Young Deji, who isn’t credited on the song but has the hook and a verse. The track itself samples the M*A*S*H theme song and pulls it off incredible well.

Well very fine stream, watch more songs from Wiz Khalifa but remember the rapper promised his fans next album the best album since career. But as for now watch this new video or watch all Amahiphop US PMVC Jan 2021.

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