Kodak Black Thanks Donald Trump with New Song “Last Day In” – Listen

Yes Kodak Black is simply playing well this time around. The Florida resident rapper has been been under the coverage of prison shelter finally freed following Donald Trump Pardon.

As reported, Donald Trump has pardoned some notable rappers like Lil Wayne, Kodak Black and more hip-hop names being serving and sentenced under his administration.

Donald Trump Pardoned both Kodak Black but looks like Lil Wayne were more thankful to the 45th president setting Lil Wayne free of no charge.

Lil Wayne already celebrated his Donald Trump who him supported lately last year. He released Ain’t Got Time after Trump’s pardon. It kind of paying tribute and not only him is doing that but Kodak Black as well.

Kodak Black released new song thanking Donald Trump for his commitment to justice reform and shortening my sentence, according to Twitter account. The song is called Last Day In.

Kodak still has a pending sexual assault case in Florence County, South Carolina against him which the prosecutors plan to pursue. He was charged with felony sexual misconduct after prosecutors said he raped an 18-year-old woman in a hotel room after a concert in 2016.

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