Ja Rule Said FEDS is Worst Than Beef

Recounting his beef with notorious 50 Cent, Ja Rule isn’t shy telling those bad moments he had while trying to teach 50 Cent some lessons.

50 Cent and Ja Rule, at least reading through hip-hop beef lineup then it’s quite clear Ja and Cent aren’t signing peace so soon, like forever feud.

What’s new ? We all, at least majority already understood 50 Cent in no way paving to reconcile with Ja Rule rather continues using platform of troll to maintain his long running beef the fellow New York rapper.

While Ja Rule himself also good in telling how he ended 50 Cent career, last years during an interview, he explained both sworn to beef forever.

Meanwhile the notable passive-aggressive beef continues climbing without no ending date attached. Ja Rule can still explain more about his beef front with 50 Cent even how Feds destroyed his world as well.

Ja Rule recent interview of 2021 with Talib Kweli’s The People’s Party podcast was actually more about his beef with 50 Cent although the high-profile beef also featured Feds.

Ask Ja Rule about his beef with 50 Cent then will also say FEDS “They fuck your world up,” as he said “They shut down everything for Murder Inc. People like to credit homeboy. N***a please, stop it. We’ve seen a hundred billion rap beefs. No one man shuts down–stop it. What really hurt us was the feds. When the feds come, they take all your resources. They take your money. They take the people who give you money sever their ties. Def Jam severed all ties with us. We didn’t have anything anymore, and then this n***a’s on full attack.”

Having acknowledged his old and on going status of his beef with 50, he find it off-putting and anxiety in trying to fix some differences. Ja Rule believes during his run-in with Fiddy, FEDs was the worst thing ever happened to him. Watch below.

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