It’s 2021 Logic Still Praise Drake

Logic is using his retirement to give acclaims to those indeed deserved it and Drake is not even faraway from Logic’s best rappers recognition.

So it’s 2021, the Homicide rapper can still say to Drake you’re a genius rapper. Not the first time Logic whose real name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall II is honing his respect to OVO after we can remember back in July 2020 Logic thanks Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole for supporting him.

What’s new ? Looks like Logic remains one these Drake’s loyal fan and he has shown it lately just again during his new interview.

Talking about rapper who once got hated yet able to survived and surviving the dishonest hatred, then Logic has mentioned Drake as one of those rappers who absorbs the negativity, and remains dedicated to building billion-dollar empire.

Somewhere in the video below, he said Drake’s Certified Lover Boy tittle worth it.

“Would y’all argue that Drake is the most sh*t on artist in the world? I would,” said the rapper. “I would say Drake is, like, without a doubt. It’s not even a contest, people sh*t on Drake. Now, the thing I love about Drake, is he embraces it. Certified Lover Boy, what kind of simp sh*t is [that]!?” the rapper joked, adding that Drake is a “genius” for coming up with that title.

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