Floyd Mayweather Is Being Disrespected For His Craft, 50 Cent Want to Fight Him

Totally a hogwash, but Fiddy, if not one thing he would have like to take a boxing sip with heavyweight championship Floyd Mayweather.

50 Cent is notoriously beefing with Floyd Mayweather not even lately last we had their drama stepped forward to public domains. At least 50 Cent always find guilty under Mayweather’s coverage.

Same vicious Cent has tapped on the boxer’s ring and both fans of Mayweather are furious about In Da Club rapper having in mind he would have fight Floyd Mayweather if not on one condition.

50 Cent, during his recent appearance with V-103 radio station, he was literally about one of his famous boxer. Without being told, both 50 Cent and Floyd having been beefing for long time and on Friday last week 50 talked going on boxing arena with Floyd Mayweather simply to fight.

“I don’t think I can make weight, though,” Fif answered when asked by host, Big Tigger, if he would be willing to square up with anyone in the ring. “I’d fight Floyd if I can get down, closer to the [weight]. Or he could just let me not have to get down to 150,” 50 added, referring to Floyd’s natural fighting weight. 50 Cent is 6-feet tall and around 210 pounds, a clear mismatch in weight classes.

However, this could be possibly a disrespectful to the heavyweight champ. Just like his die-hard fans slamming 50 for coming verbally once again at Floyd Mayweather, not on social media bullying, though he just disrespect Mayweather’s craft.

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