Donald Trump Don’t want to Disappoint Lil Wayne

During 2020 Lil Wayne really received few backslash for giving Donald Trump support while on opposite side against Joe Biden.

Same year 2020, Donald Trump loosed his presidential battle with Joe Who’s currently going to become US 46th president later this month.

Last year election actually proved how rappers have been striving in support to Joe Biden who succeed potentially with Eminem and more.

However Lil Wayne used his own way, own decision and support towards Donal Trump. Both mate even before the election date.

But it wasn’t funny that Lil Wayne who was caught in possession of drugs and gun last two years has to face sentence about 10 years in prison. According 50 Cent, they’re trying to jail him probably because Donald Trump didn’t win Joe.

While prison has been date fixed, it might even get cancel follow newly reported about Wayne’s and Donald Trump relationship status. XXLMAG told Amahiphop that a day after a pro-Trump rally turned into a riot and breach of the Capitol building in Washington D.C., President Trump is now focusing his attention on pardoning some of hip-hop’s favorite rappers.

Another report from bloomberg noted president Donald Trump preemptive pardon will definitely give Lil Wayne good impact and other hip-hop artists who got jailed during his reign. Artist like Lil Wayne, Kodak Black are could be lucky soon.

The pardon is coming same this month on 19th. Donald Trump making this decision, although it’s under conduct by senior advisers and the White House counsel’s office.

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