Ice-T Tells 50 Cent He’s The Last Gangstar

Letting us know his terms of thought on gangsta rap which started over decades, Ice-T stepped straight on 50 Cent career having one of the most outspoken gang, I mean the G-UNIT has been a gangsta rap contesting with related group of rap over the past years.

Since the inception of gangsta rap and it’s group in1990s, a reflection and product of the often violent lifestyle of American inner cities afflicted with poverty and the dangers of drug use and drug dealing. It been tough, very real and fake although there’re crews keeping it burning despite how controversial it is as rap subgenre.

Ice-T being on his self-opinion has left his thought about how the gangsta rap existence took its break after the rhymers he considers to be the last gangster rappers in generation.

Naming 50 Cent, Tracy Lauren Marrow, better known by his stage name Ice-T said Fiddy and Bobby Shmurda are the last artists to embody the true essence of a gangster rapper.

While gangsta rap existence is more of having new rappers in the game, Ice-T insisted during an interview with Unique Access Ent that the above mentioned rappers are the last to embody the gangsta rap.

“To me, the last gangster rapper was 50 Cent,” the veteran California MC begins. “Because he basically embodied that image, that ‘I don’t give a fuck.’ 50 Cent had you really believing you didn’t wanna fuck with him. I heard 50 Cent when he was beefing with Fat Joe and he was like, ‘Fat Joe, I’m right down the street.’ It’s real hard to find a nigga when he got a gun, ain’t it? But, I think 50 was the last one who did it that I believed.”

Sure 50 Cent has had the game using his own best ability of during the gang rapping style and T is even crediting him more for how he survived harrowing rap that could even takes someone’s life.

Ice-T also described the Grimey Shooters (GS9) member, bobby shmurda as another living gangsta blood. T who already knows how the bad status of Bobby Shmurda has been, he still believed Incarcerated Shmurda is a gangsta rap.

“You know who the real last gangster rapper was? Bobby Shmurda,” he continued. “But, that’s when keeping it real goes wrong, you dig? That’s when them GS9 boys… And you know when I saw ’em, I said, ‘These little niggas is probably the business. These little niggas look wild like that.’ But, they were bar-for-bar snitching on themselves.”

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