Lil Wayne Girlfriend Dumps Him For Donald Trump

What a costly mistake but Lil Wayne isn’t regretting his endorsement to Donald Trump. He standstill to face different hashtag but Liltunechi’s support to Donald Trump remains unchanged despite slew why he took photo with notorious 45th president.

The rapper and his girlfriend is now on separate ways since it’s because of Democrat and Republican. Simply, Lil Wayne choose to be a republican while his girlfriend whose real name is Denise Bidot is a Democrat. This is now a problem as they’re opposition parties and Bidot can’t be in a relationship with someone flipping over her wantings from Joe Biden.

She has been seeing Wayne’s with healthy support to DT. She don’t appreciate meanwhile she parted ways with the New Orleans-bred rapper who don’t care seeing her unfriending him on Instagram over the cause of I Chose Donal Trump.

She Unfollowed Lil Wayne yet turned to be the same. Report said both are no longer friends following the 2020 election but the primary cause of the split is because Lil Wayne is supporting Donald Trump not Joe Biden.

Lil Wayne and Donald Trump mate lately last week which wasn’t welcomed by rappers like 50, Cent, Royce and more hip-hop names. Trump didn’t miss to explain how activist Lil Wayne is just after their meeting. However, Lil Wayne is made up and looks like not months old can change his mind since he also Unfollowed Denise Bidot. Let’s be watching it’s all heading to.

In some headings related to Donald Trump and Joe Biden supporters, Eminem and Jay-Z will likely to go for Joe Biden which Lose Yourself rapper has done already.

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