Kodak Black Opens Up to Ariana Grande

Sure you haven’t heard Kodak Black featuring the Billboard Queen but incarcerated rapper, Kodak Black, is on forward in getting to words about Ariana Grande off his chest. Bill Israel rapper isn’t slowing down irrespective of those downsides bogging his career and he still can live the best out of his life.

Kodak Black took to Twitter lately with positive classic offerings surrounding Ariana Grande whom he described as one of his favorite, of course a big fan to Positions singer. Both were Florida residents although Kodak, in his capacity believe they can work together.

His reaction about Ariana Grande did sent his fans frenzy and some totally thinks Kodak Black is trying to move on from Zendaya to Ariana Grande, you know on a date, else, as a Florida natives he wants to work with her probably for studio session.

I’m A Big Fan Of @ArianaGrande IDK IF IT Got Sumn To Do With Her Being From Florida but She Just Like Dat!

This could be one of the entertaining thoughts fans might’ve seen from Kodak Black but we can’t say what exactly he’s up to. Some fans are theorizing Kodak is shooting his shot at Ariana Grande just like he did to Euphoria star, Zendaya.

But Kodak Black opens up to Ariana Grande living her on a low without response just after claiming he is a big fan of Twitter. Kodak Black shared new album Bill Israel same with Ariana Grande, Positions. But will be very interesting if he’s only shelving plans to Collaborate with her.

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