Kendrick Lamar Has 6 Unreleased Albums to Drop Surprisedly

You know this Kendrick Lamar of a thing can’t get those public domains exhausted. We’re ready to stream despite how swirled convinced fans, strongly giving them hope about K. Dot upcoming album will definitely stomp rival once it comes to light. Kendrick Lamar will drop new album this year, next year i mean we all are so muchly addicted to that saying though there’s no desperation attached to what fans might’ve have agreed.

DAMN remains his last album of course Amahiphop had 2019 compilation of Kendrick Lamar’s songs, at least most of you has streamed features he had last year. As reported in 2019, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar readies new albums, a different solo material from studio which J. Cole keep dropping new songs for The Fall Off.

While all the goings-on of Kendrick, his side ventures and some other stuffs, the Dwag resident resident has plenty of music just waiting in the vault according to to his longtime engineer, Derek “MixedByAli” Ali. Sure it’s not the first time we’re hearing Kendrick Lamar unfinished album or albums but Derek just stepped forward and was explaining what under studio harbor.

In an interview with Kevin Durant’s “The ETCs” podcast, MixedByAli opened up about King Kendrick’s prolific output. “For Kendrick alone, let me say I think we could put together like six albums,” said the Grammy-winning engineer. “Everyone [at TDE] is the same way. It’s all about just understanding that you could always do something better. It’s having that mindset to just strive for the best possible version of you.”

He continued, “That’s Kendrick’s whole mind state, always striving to do better. Whether it’s recording a new verse—you know, he would record a whole song and get one ad-lib back a month later because he don’t like how he breathed the ad-lib, you know?”

However, Kendrick Lamar is still working for an album to get to store. There’s no album ready to drop anytime soon but might be a surprise if it going to happen. You want to stream Kendrick Lamar song for 2020 then you can hear that Elle 2 by Busta Rhymes, on Look Over Your Shoulder.

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