Kanye West Loses 2020 Presidential Win , Moves to 2024

It’s still on though most folks are gunning with opinion they find under their custody. To be much audible, the US president result hasn’t been concluded, it’s on with further proceedings.

Kanye West Donal Trump and Joe Biden are mostly figures, notably with Birthday Party (Kanye West), Donal Trump (Republican) and Joe Biden (Democrat). Rumours are flying from angles of opposition but one thing is that certain, the resut is yet to be ready.

However, Kanye West might’ve experience what it takes to be POTUS. YE can’t give up, he voted for himself and more supporters from various States in US make sure Kanye at least he get heavy numbers. There’s new report his 2020 election status.

According to a report from the New York Post on Wednesday (Nov. 4), Yeezy, who ran as an Independent candidate under the Birthday Party, received 57,396 votes altogether from the 12 states where he was able to get on the ballot.

In Colorado, Kanye received nearly 6,000 votes; in Vermont over 1,200 votes; Arkansas: 3,979 votes; Idaho: 2,309; Iowa: 3,179; Kentucky: 6,259; Louisiana: 4,837; Minnesota 6,796; Mississippi: 3,009; Oklahoma: 5,587; Tennessee: 10,188; and in Utah, ‘Ye received 4,053 votes.

From other way around, Joe is currently looking like US heavyweight champion in 2020 presidential election and Trump followed. While the result stats continue to fluctuate, Kanye West winning the US 46th president could be rare.

Kanye West sights how low turnout of votes in the 2020 presidential election. Meanwhile he is campaigning for 2024 just in advance

The 43-year-old rapper first announced his “Kanye 2020” campaign on Independence Day. He seemingly conceded from the race early Wednesday in a now-deleted tweet. “WELP KANYE 2024,” Kim Kardashian’s husband wrote at the time, foxnews reported.

Kanye West 12 States he has gotten about 60,000 votes as of Wednesday morning. His name did not appear on the ballot in all 50 states because he missed ballot deadlines.

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