Joyner Lucas Praise Eminem, Rihanna and More for Helping His Career

Joyner Lucas has taken accolades to his change makers who added bucky of integral to his music front. Eminem and Lucas are hip-hop closets, practically family under same harbor. His Evolution EP with it’s hip-hop offerings like Eminem, Royce and more remains EP you possibly going to hear those tycoons voice when stream whole album.

Joyner Lucas believes the EP was successfully accomplished with the help of Eminem who always been one of his most outspoken activists from sunset. Without slowing down, the rapper took to his official Facebook page to unleash those positive thoughtful gesture featuring the like of Eminem, Rihanna, Royce, Billie Eilish with other related hip-hop names.

Rihanna who once praised Devil’s Work song, “Just Incase y’all missed this moment for the culture from da homie @joynerlucas,” she wrote. According Joyner Lucas recent post on Facebook, Rihanna made him taste caviar, Monica had a lot of personal conversations with Joyner, Billie Eilish gave him a constant motivation by being his dedicated fan and Timbaland is his uncle figure.

While has Lucas grown obsession about Eminem, he can’t stop commending him after those successful pasts attached with the name Eminem. Meanwhile he also shared little insight about Slim Shady and below you read the full entertaining recommendation.

Apart from my team and family who I thank immensely for playing a huge part in my success, I want to thank a few other people who have also played a part. Big thank you to my bro Chris Brown for being the first super star to embrace me and put me on tour. Our relationship goes beyond music. Pause. Big thank you to Rihanna for being a good ear and great friend & also guiding me with information that has helped me. U made me try caviar for the first time in london. 😭 gross. Thank you to Billie Eilish for the constant motivation and for being one of my biggest fans as I am yours. Big thank you to Snoop Dogg for being a uncle figure to me and embracing my family as if they were yours. Thank you for reaching out and always letting me bless the stage with you when your out my way. Thank you to Eminem for letting me be apart of history and embracing me as well. Thank you for always mentioning me as one of your favorites as you are mine. Thank you to the homie Logic for always checking in on me and always giving me advice and being a bro. We had our differences but now we closer than ever. Thank you to Timbaland for being a uncle figure to me as well. Your advice and knowledge and endless industry stories that I love listening to. Lol thank you to my big bro T.I. for being a mentor to me and for always checking on me and giving me hella advice and even linking me with other artists I love and respect. Thank you to Boi-1da for believing in me from the start and producing some of my biggest records. Thank you to Royce 5’9″ for being the realest and also for the brotherhood. Monica I appreciate you as well. Our deep convos and dope friendship. Lot of personal talks about personal ish. You helped me thru a lot. Thank you. Ashanti Official as well. 🙏🏽 your heart is gold. how can I forget the big homie Will Smith. Omg. Funniest dude I know. 😂 personal life talks for hours about all kinds of stuff. What started as a song ended up a dope friendship and I appreciate you. Almost forgot Ty Dolla $ign. How many records we scrapped? Lmao man we got stories for days. That’s my mf bro.. I probably forgot a lot of names but these people in particular I appreciate for different reasons. You inspire me in so many ways so roses to you all. 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

This is not the first time Lucas offering words to Eminem, backing his position at least we recall during Eminem and Nick Cannon’s 2019 beef, Lucas and 50 Cent were quite vocal against Nick. Eminem shared His Greatest Rappers Of Time and Lucas gone no missing.

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