Gucci Mane Said Why He Reconcile with Jeezy

Gucci Mane’s transparency was extremely high and quite suffice to sign peace after battling over a decade and five on what can be cross-examined as beef with Jeezy. Their feud was one of the rap’s long-standing Cole war but in 2020 both iced it off

Jeezy and Gucci Mane finally squash their notorious beef in great intensity. Thanks to Battle Verzuz, the show did pretty work, even got more recognition following how it manage to stage foes together although using the truce formula in making sure things didn’t go left after fans already acknowledged the battle Verzuz is about spotting Gucci and his nemesis.

Well Gucci Mane and The Recession 2 creator battle Verzuz is done and dusted. Most minds was under frightened, you know some thought it could result harrowing. Gucci even took aims at Jeezy with previous diss tracks. Jeezy played matured as he adapt without trying to cause commotion. Their show up was turned on to almost 2M people watching and later exploring interest on who wins.

Having said about the beef been buried, they have celebrated the great moment of Battle Verzuz. However, Gucci Mane isn’t on a low explaining using the clarity on what pushed him to reconcile with Jeezy, an adversary traceable through 2005.

He took to Instagram account and said why he did the Christian way. From what he shared the rapper noted that he did it for the culture. Very simple to understand that Gucci squash Jeezy beef because of the hip-hop culture.  “I did this shit for the Culture,” he captioned, sharing a few behind-the-scenes pictures from the monumental battle. “Yes u did! I’m proud of u,” adds his wife Keyshia Ka’oir, who recently applauded her husband in a heartfelt post. Check below.

Battle Verzuz is because an Instagram platform were hip-hop names meet each other. Jeezy and Gucci are rappers showing potential faith on how beef can be squash via Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s Verzuz beat-battle series Instagram show.

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