Eminem Automatically Endorse Joe Biden with Lose Yourself

Love it or loath him, Eminem and Rihanna are bitterly furious even capable of expressing harrowing being since Donald Trump reign. Lately many rapper are switching sides, getting endorse to Democrate or republican without any eye contact just like Liltunechi.

Lil Wayne notoriously took to Twitter last week and that was actually a crazy moment causing incendiary as rappers called him out later for his endorsement to republican candidate. Well, it seemed not funny and not Eminem left salty reputation at Wayne probably because of recent shot Lil Wayne and Donald Trump had.

However, tomorrow the Democrat and Republican duck it out but before it happens Eminem has stepped bit forward on Twitter and automatically endorse Joe Biden using his landmark song Lose Yourself as ads.

“One opportunity… #Vote,” writes. Although watching the video below will definitely convince that Eminem it’s all for Joe Biden not Donald Trump.

We’re not really suprise about Eminem shifting full focus, endorsing Biden with Lose Yourself song. He’s simply showing inexpensive lost of Trump for 2020 election although it could be rare predicting but tomorrow.

It’s no secret that Eminem has long harbored a dislike of the Republican party, having previously issued incendiary takedown tracks in the anti-Bush anthem “Mosh” and the more recent “Like Home,” which found him taking aim at current President Donald Trump. 

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