Davido’s ABT A Floppy Disk ?

Love it or Loath for the fact it’s Davido, his third studio body of talents is stirring controversial hashtag. While related hip-hop names across the border found fondness in congratulate A Better Time album which is currently on streaming platforms, not all resident Nigerian artists praising the album lately.

It’s album an featuring the likes of Nas, one of the 90’s tycoons, Nicki Minaj another traditional female rap base, Chris Brown who gone platinum as matter of giving integral to Davido on his new material after Blow My Mind, Lil Baby, Young Thug and more commercial names yet it’s a floppy disk.

Well, the Floppy Disk caught steam from folks believing Burna Boy is growing over obsession hating Davido’s ABT album. Taking to his Twitter after OBO shared A Better Time tracklist, the African Giant crooner grasp the depths of the list but wasn’t impressed though ended hinting Floppy Disk which social media detectives suspected Burna Boy is practicing hate on no better time to support the album in question.

Burna Boy ABT Comment

However, Davido who might be good at response. He’s so balance with the best of his quality to address ABT album tracklist and other side goons attached to it from rivalries. During A 15-second snippet of the yet to-be-aired interview was shared online. In it, Sheye Banks asked

We know Ifeanyi was the inspiration behind ABT. What would you say is the strongest message ABT sent?

Davido responded smoothly:

First of all, it’s not a floppy disk.

Fans have left over salty entertaining thoughts after Burna Boy option-in Floppy Disk. Without blinking twice before switching sides, they agreed the Twice As Tale Burna is loosing those goons at Davido’s ABT after acknowledging their odd days which hasn’t been concluded.

While hottest albums stomping and striving to lead as top most notch includes A Better Time (ABT), Twice As Tale (TAT) and Made In Lagos (MIL). Fans are still taking the tea with a grain of salt, rubbing it in the wounds simply to keep the relevance of Davido Wizkid and Burna Boy to the globe despite how those artists sees each other.

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