Busta Rhymes & Janet Received Best Halloween Experience From Russell Wilson & Ciara

This is it, Russell Wilson and Ciara turned into Busta Rhymes and Janet using their 1998 song which featured on Busta’s E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front.

Their Halloween outfit was replicated from Busta Rhymes and Janet track What’s It Gonna Be video, a visual that received Soul Train Music Award for Best Video of that Year and also nominated for MTV Video Music Award for Best Direction.

Not sure if Russell Wilson & Ciara were all made up to tribute to Busta Rhymes latest album ELE 2 which also featured Kendrick Lamar. Wilson and Ciara team up and create a third Halloween surprise: a remake music video for “What’s It Gonna Be” letting Busta and Janet to have the best Halloween costume experience.

The classic video above finds Busta and Janet draped in futuristic silver and black outfits while being surrounded by dripping metallic fluid. Ciara and Russell did a great job of remaking the costumes, but they took it a step further as well to recreate a portion of the music video.

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