Young Buck Arrested for Domestic Assault

One of the G-UNIT member Young Buck has been arrested for Domestic Assault at Sumner County, Tenn. on charges of domestic assault, vandalism over $10,000 and felon in possession of a firearm.

Currently his bond is about $60,000 and waiting for his court hearing next month being Nov. on 4 2020.

Buck arrested for getting in possession of deadly weapon. As said it’s a domestic assault featuring The G-unit rapper and his girlfriend whose name is Lucresia Neal.

She engaged on dispute with Buck which also made her to shoot gun at the Buck’s car. Because of this she has been charged along side with Buck.

According to full report from XXLMAG, the whole issue started with social media password which led to uncontrollable altercation, busting out as boyfriend and girlfriend brawl.

The fight featured Buck himself, the girlfriend, Neal, who took gun and shoot indirectly to Young Buck but on the floor. They fight from bedroom to garage, Young Buck car shot as well. He grabbed her on jecket trying to throw on ground but Neal was able to escape and walk straight to her gun safe.

Both have been charged and this not the first time Young Buck arrested by the law. Buck was arrested last December arrested for an outstanding warrant in Georgia related to a child abandonment charge.

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