The Game & 50 Cent Beef Getting Aside With “Timeless” Unreleased Songs

The Game and 50 Cent beef is very long, you know both parties has been this adversaries over decade old yet they keep silent, mute themselves over the cause of their infamous feud that yeild social brawl and altercation straight from 2005.

The two dangerous camps in New York City are foes, aren’t close-knit, have no common share apart from him. While vicious 50 Cent continue to social bullying he never talked about The Game although only couple of times it happened.

It been a total off-limit for over years and the last time set sight on each other was in 2016 when the two crossed paths in a strip club in L.A. . Squeezing the beef in between them could be a drean comes true to most of the fans but they already denied they aren’t beefing.

However, The Game’s Born 2 Rap album might be that saviour. The Game talked about his project while on interview then pop up his beef with POWER CO-CREATOR. While on People’s Party podcast with Talib Kweli, he offloaded stuff we never heard

Game said had they never beefed, both of them would have been billionaires by now. He also goes on to speak on the incredible chemistry he had with Fif in the studio, revealing that he has some unreleased songs with him in his hard drives which are “timeless.” So knowing the appeal behind this, is extremely relevant. We are wondering if The Game loosing grip on 50 Cent collaboration and also remember the West Side legend said B 2 Rap is his final album.

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