Rick Ross Gets New Look With New 10K White Teeth For Free

Rick since this month he has been a serious heading online. Despite how the internet went over salty following his offensive fashion show up, Rozay still can prove he got more dollars to live so extravagant.

Another thing you might know from Rick side is he just got new look, mouth look indeed. We all know COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak maintains this annoying restriction although being limited. Rick Ross irrespective of the pandemic he always boarding private.

He flew to Colombia to fix something inside his mouth, teeth of course. From his resident to Santiago de Cali, Colombia in order for renowned dentist Dr. Mario Montoya to sort him out with a fresh set of teeth. According to TMZ, the procedure took six hours and involved him getting 12 veneers on top and 12 on the bottom that were 100 percent porcelain. The whole thing usually costs around $10,000, but Rozay got it done for free.

“They hate to see you smile so I had to come out here to Cali, Colombia and see Dr. Montoya, get my smile right,” Ross said in a video. “All my [Miami] Heat fans, let’s smile baby.” Feeling good about his new look, he added, “Quarter million on the wrist, $40,000 on the lens,” while showing off his accessories.

Below you can check all his recent photos since his new teeth.

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