Rick Ross Don’t Care Hearing Louis Vuitton Backslash

He was blamed for fake fashion outlook but none of those bags he took to private bordering matters a lot for him. It’s just properties.

Rick Ross has been receiving slew of backslash from all walk of life for bragging differently, using Louis Vuitton to answer the big Rozay. He might have this clue about fake outfit else he flipped it all into a deed to attract pocket watchers.

However, Rick Ross having received headings about his offensive fashion on Sunday (Oct. 5), were an image Rozay uploaded to Instagram was dissected by fashion IG accounts, which deemed his Louis Vuitton outfit and accessories as replicas.

Rick Ross don’t care about how he is being characterized as and don’t mind hearing most backslash, but it looks like this is a deliberate action. Although rap community have dabbled in the faux jewelry or designer clothing game throughout hip-hop history, but rarely do we see them get called out in grave detail, Mag said.

If you still to check out those so claimed fake Louis Vuitton of Rick Ross then you can swipe the Instagram post below for more details. Just know Rozay don’t care about the extensive socialbullying lately.

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