Rappers Supporting Donald Trump to Win 2020 Election

What really made you to support Donal Trump despite how hurt propagandas might’ve being through.

If rappers are more of stepping forward with different perspective of encouragement working under the coverage specific presidential candidate, then there’s also a great chance of winning.

Without alarming, 50 Cent has redirected his support to Joe Biden in voting for Donald Trump instead. Because of tax, Joe lost 50 Cent interest meanwhile the Queen rapper has openly announced vote for for Trump even if he hates Blacks.

Donald Trump has gotten artists voting for him and not only singers but rappers like Kanye West, Ice Cube and more are just hungry of casting their vote in favour of Current US government.

Another figure wanting Trump to remain president is Waka Flocka who is getting extensive socialbullying for claiming Donald Trump is better than Obama, and you all knows what that means.

The American rapper is standing up for Donal Trump with aim of securing another reign. Waka has left fans so suprise about his ambitious plan just after Obama On Wednesday (Oct. 21), Barack Obama spoke at a socially-distant drive-in rally in South Philadelphia for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and potential vice president Kamala Harris’s campaign. During Obama’s speech, he criticized many of the decisions Trump has made as Commander in Chief of the United States.

Some throw in words from Obama was quite not interesting to Waka who managed to say his mind after a fans said “Its people who really think Trump is a better President than Obama…,” including a clown emoji. Underneath this comment, Waka Flocka Flame laughed and replied, “guess I’m a clown.”

Lot of reactions are slamming Waka Flocka for saying Donald Trump is better than Obama. Of course he’s not the only rapper expressing full support to Donald Trump. 50 Cent and Ice Cube having getting shade since both made plan of helping Donald Trump’s 2020.

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