Offset Wish To Restrict Cardi B Divorce, He Miss Mrs. WAP

Cardi B and Offset, they are heading to divorce. Cardi B filed against the Migos resident rapper because she wants full control of herself.

That’s not going to change her natural love for Offset. He’s the father of her daughter and wouldn’t want artificial side talk trying to stress him out. Cardi B since she filed with Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta last month., seeking for split between her and Offset, she has defended him at first.

Cardi B maintains he is divorcing Offset. Well, that’s a shelved plan she made just as she filed in but haven’t fully engaged. Offset is still using his own little way of saying “No Please, Let’s Stay together For Our Daughter” cause he’s stressed out just like he noted recently on Instagram comment section.

One thing you probably don’t know is that Cardi B has always wanted to be a solo. Reading through her timeline with Offset, she fluctuates, she said openly she’s not dating Offset and also claimed they have break up despite evidence. Looks like decision were yet to put in place till 2020.

Right now the heck is that Cardi B is single, bad and rich. We’re not going to fly in words now although we strongly believe Offset has been striving to restrict And Cardi B strange divorce. “I am I miss MRS. WAP….call her for me but private,” he said in reply to fan tell he’s stressed out.

Cardi B splitting up with Offset shouldn’t be new a word. That’s one of her favorite because we have been perceiving it from set. The Migos member has saving the relationship even drop Don’t lose Me in addressing his relationship with the Bodak Yellow rapper.

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