Offset Missing Cardi B, Fans Breaks Silence

So Cardi B did break up with Offset not only because his behavior. Her recent photo on Instagram shown that Cardi B also want full access of her own which nobody will control her.

The couple break up and there is more you need to know behind the scene.

She now living so luxury, using few platforms to explain how happy she is while single. OnlyFans is so another way but her latest Instagram caught fans and Offset attention.

There is a new photo featuring the Bronx rap star in devil horns and a red bodysuit serving up full dominatrix vibes. Cardi captioned the post, “Single, bad and rich. I do the controlling.” Followers were quick to notice that her soon-to-be ex-husband Offset was one of the many people to click like on the photo, perhaps suggesting that the two are on good terms as they work out the details of their divorce.

The photo also attracted conspiracy theorists who claimed that the devilish image was proof that Cardi had joined the Illuminati. Cardi followed the post up with a picture of her in diamond-studded angel wings and body glitter, saying, “Stop with the illuminati sh*t….It was just costumes for a tiktok video DAMN!”

Despite the haters, Cardi is certainly showing out as a single woman and taking full advantage of her youth, beaty, and fame.

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Single,bad and rich.I do the controlling.

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However, fans have claimed Offset miss Cardi B a lot and would love to have her back.

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