Offset and Cardi B Conspired On Divorce ?

You know this a strange divorce, filed against Offset. Haven’t taken shape but was about to or is about to. Cardi B and Offset, as we said previously the relationship status is fluctuating and despite the limelight worked out as team, their secret marriage is quite confusing. Probably it’s a matter of what’s happening currently.

Amahiphop previously reported Offset wish to restrict Cardi B’s divorce plan. Now there’s new development totally an astonish that’s causing lot buzz from Cardi B birthday.

Today is the Bardi Birthday bash and a lot have been happening. Cardi B is celebrating her birthday magically and surprisedly, maybe many have thought about that.

The Migos resident rapper pulled up at Cardi B’s 28th birthday bash in Las Vegas with an ultra-luxurious and ultra-expensive Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV and lots of diamond jewelry for her birthday gift. Hmm, could this be the restriction we’re talking earlier today.

Source told Amahiphop that the Rolls-Royce retailed for a starting price of $330K and can get as high as $450K depending on what features and customization you want. Given that Offset is in the dog house, he’s not going to get the base model.

The birthday party featured Cardi B the chief host, Offset the estranged husband, friends of Cardi B, her sister Hennessy Caroline, Rolls-Royce as a birthday gift and these were happening in the club at Las Vegas.

The birthday party took place few days back but today is official born day for the single, bad and rich woman. Watch below.

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So how is this a conspired divorce ? Cardi B and Offset haven’t official get each other divorced. Things happening around them since she filed against Offset is quite positive specially the new gifted Rolls-Royce. Their divorce conspiracy could be true if finally the hearing for their divorce, which is set for November 4, 2020 proves Cardi B is seriously about her move. Else Offset has finally restricted her or it’s a made up, as Amahiphop believes.

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