Nicki Minaj Has Drop New Music Video “Oh My Gawd”

Are we adding this to Amahiphop October hip-hop videos 2020. Sure Nicki Minaj is making the compilation more just like other video compilations you might’ve watched on Amahiphop.

Today she’s back to give more recognition to one of the song she shared in common before she put to birth. The song which you have listened as Oh My Gawd now new video.

Nicki Minaj just sampled Cham and O the song video by Mr Eazy and Major Lazer. Nicki Minaj and K4MO to bring about the booty bouncing dancehall-inspired track “Oh My Gawd.” The song was released just a month ago and came packaged with a comedically charged dance video. Nicki Minaj’s legions of Barbz were not too happy that their Queen was not included in the initial release. Their prayers were finally answered, but not in the way many of them would have hoped. You can watch it below else check out last October compilation.

Nicki Minaj 2020 songs compilation is one of those compilations you can listen which also featured Oh My Gawd song and more of his 2020 releases.

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