Meek Mill Is Making No Wack Songs, Aims New Album

Meek Mill is good rap and many accepts the fact the has done prettier work, showing potential rap gems.

Championship that was the last debut album streamed across commercial platforms just in 2018 before his 2019 song compilation which came through Amahiphop.

Been long he shared new studio body of work ? Not really although fans look desperately attached to Meek Mill having something different from past albums.

While the notable question suggest if the Philly rapper shelving plans and making changes for 2020 project, at least he updated his music front status earlier this year.

Taken to Twitter, Meek Mill said this year wack music will perish. The frenzy made his fans-base believe Meek Mill is working on new album, probably follow-up to Championship.

So that is how Meek Mill planing for 2020 album to prove more abilities of good music. His February tweet left many reactions wondering if he is referring to fellow rappers with wack songs.

However, Meek Mill dropping new album this year could come as surprise else 2012 is another year. His good songs of 2020 includes Uptown II from (Bad Boy For Life), Other side Of America and Letter To Nipsey.

Also, this not the first Meek Mill played with fans about new album. Last year he explored interest of dropping new album later failed. He did have convo with fans were said “I’ma set this shit straight just to be in the convo of the 2019 albums,” Meek wrote in his response.

The bottom line is that Meek Mill still believe in making dope new songs featuring later album. But keeping his further proceedings much accurate, his fans have had some related hip-hop from him in 2020.

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