Meek Mill Deny Himself A Celebrity

The Meek Mill a commercial hip-hop name. Meanwhile the Philly rapper is always outspokenness when things wrong expectedly or other way round.

Meek Mill has been indoor making sound music for new album. He never explore interest to discuss Nicki Minaj and husband as they welcomed their first baby.

But he recently caught himself into paparazzi with few questions riddled from different active camera as they surround him.

Meek Mill has forgotten himself while taking a stroll in California roadway before he was surprisingly caught in the midst of paparazzi.

Immediately he noticed what is happening he said, “I forgot I was a celebrity until you came at me.” Mind you, Meek was under the guard of his security team, while also keeping his health in check by wearing a face mask.

He was asked about Nicki Minaj his ex but did not entertain the question. He escaped the question by saying, “Tell my grandmama I said what up,” he told them. “Make sure y’all put this on TV.”

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