Meek Mill Break Up With Nicki Minaj and Milan Harris Has Got Reasons

Meek Mill is single again after going drunk in love with Nicki Minaj then switch side to Milan Harris who is currently living her fashion designer extravagant life with her Meek Mill baby.

Nicki Minaj couldn’t stay with Meek Mill for more than two years following issues that arose in between them. It led to notorious split though not many truly know what had been in Nicki Meek gut.

Before Meek Mill Switched to Milan Milano, he Kickstart relationship with Nicki Minaj in early 2015 and that was after Nicki Minaj and Love & Hip-Hop’s Safaree Samuels split as well. Nicki and Mill dated for two years, got temporary engaged but split.

Reasons why Nicki Minaj called it quit was explained, majorly fight and topic Nicki Minaj didn’t appreciate. Another why they said quit is because of woman beating which Nicki accused Meek of and Meek at the same time blaming Nicki Minaj of supporting her brother after a child rap and that’s how it all bust out as unrepairable break up.

Milan Harris and Meek Mill

The above reasons happened in 2017 and while the All Eyes On You rappers continue to trend relationship, Meek Mill and Milan Harris agreed going on a date while Nicki stayed single untill she connect with Kenneth Petty in 2018 that’s a year after her 2017 split with Meek Mill.

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty, Meek Mill and Milan Harris have welcomed new baby but currently Meek Mill is no longer in any relationship, he has split once more but with Milano who finally shared reason she quit.

Harris the fashion designer also single with her song. Most recently, she revealed why she ended her Meek Mill dating just after giving birth. Since their break up, both Meek Mill and Harris have been on a low key untill one of Milano fan decide to ask through Instagram why she break with Meek Mill.

According to Milan Harris, “Cuz I ain’t sh*t, I ain’t gon be sh*t, and I don’t have sh*t,” said the businesswoman in the comments.

Meek Mill and Milan Harris might’ve been unrevealed dating misdemeanor which the fashion woman has never made public. Nicki and Milano are notable women Meek Mill shared some of his adventures with but always ending up splitting.

Most recently also, Meek Mill has been shooting his shot at LisaRaye McCoy, commenting on her OnlyFans announcement and asking if a VIP option was available. LRaye responded to the rapper by saying that he could ask her on a date whenever.

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