Lil Baby Links Up with DaBaby at Atlanta

No matter how horror the Darkness, Lil Baby and Dabay can still find ways to entertain fans despite novel COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak. Most folks probably locked up following world ordeal that has generated lot of restriction. However, when it comes to music scene, our rappers, crooners are using their own little way to appreciate fans and DaBaby with Lil Baby are definitely going to perform At Drive-In Festival In Atlanta.

There have been improvisations with awards show performances being pre-recorded and other artists have done shows that have been streamed online but here hasn’t been a Rap show in person in a while. Soon Lil Baby and DaBaby are going to put an end to that.

Variety reports that On October 11th at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, the pair will perform at a socially distanced drive-in festival called The Detour. It is powered by Audiomack.

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