Kendrick Lamar Praise J. Cole and Tupac Influence

Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole are most wanted albums, recently. They are mutual hip-hop rap-powers with great influence to community, hip-hop of course. On persons both gives most outspoken backup traceable through over the decade old when Tupac was still alive.

Till date Kendrick Lamar always explore interest about J. Cole’s career he found under hip-hop as a mogul who just has “that gift.” From what he characterized, J. Cole not only he can rap though he is also a rapper in position to speak to a generation of people.

“Everybody can rap but only a few get in these positions where they can really speak to a generation of people and have them follow it,” Dot added. “When I listen to people like Cole, it’s that gift. Entertaining can only go so far,” he said in J.Cole interview.

Before he talked about his contemporary rapper, he also praise Tupac and gangsta.

“Me listening to Gangsta Rap coming up was vivid stories of a lifestyle I was seeing every time I went outside,” Lamar explained in the interview. “So, me as a kid, I looked at it as these people is basically writing in journals. I caught that early on. Tupac would be talking about these real deep concepts of a teenage boy being lost. I couldn’t really understand it. I wasn’t a teenager yet. I was still doing back-flips off the rooftop thinking everything is fun. But my older cousin who was 17 would be like, ‘Man, this nigga ‘Pac know exactly what I’m feelin’ right now. I’m a wild lil’ nigga. I can’t control myself.’ So that was a way to make that connection, through older influences.”

The interview steamed from J. Cole’s Born Sinner site, along with the first installment of these interviews, which featured J’s mother, Kay Cole.

Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole are mostly living rappers ranked by fellow hip-hop tycoons like Eminem said lyrical rap is still alive because of Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole.

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