Kanye West Joins Akon, Building New City In Haiti

Who else haven’t heard Akon City. It’s called Akon-city which he planned since last year. The futuristic is in Senegal.

The City is get backed with by the Senegalese government and funded by unnamed investors, was first announced by Akon in 2018.

However, Akon might not be the only American singer or artist shelving deep move to develop own city and having plans of running activities like gleaming skyscrapers, shopping malls, music studios and eco-friendly tourist resorts. There’s another mega figure who’s replicating Akon’s idea although for future.

Just last year Kanye West and Akon were reported planning to run for 2024 presidential election. Akon might’ve blink twice before switching sides. Meanwhile, he fell back leaving Kanye to further his presidential proceedings, of course he now one of the 2020 candidate.

Things about them seem going the same way, and we have perceived that after Kanye West took to Twitter and announced he is building a new city in Haiti. It’s a “city of the future” in Haiti which the rap legend had taken a trip to meet with the President of Haiti, being embraced by the community with open arms. It turns out that the rumors were correct because, today, Kanye confirmed that he was moving forward with his plan.

“Just to be CLEAR: WE ARE IN ENGAGED WITH HAITI’s GOVERNMENT to make a transformational INVESTMENT to bring JOBS, DEVELOPMENT, HELP SUPPORT LOCAL FARMERS and FISHERMEN and Build a new « CITY OF THE FUTURE » in a very beautiful country,” wrote Kanye.

He didn’t offer much more details about his talks with Haiti but, if this is anything like the Yeezy compounds that he’s built in Wyoming and Atlanta, the Haiti project could include an extensive farm-to-table initiative. Kanye continues to show off the hard work he’s done in Atlanta, especially with the Yeezy Christian Academy, which could also make an appearance in Haiti. This is all speculation but these are things that Ye has been putting his heart into recently.

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