Kanye West Brags On Net worth of $5Billion

Just few hours back there was news floating on Amahiphop as regards to Kanye Net worth. We received report on behalf of Kanye West who formally announced as one of the billionaire rapper just after Hov.

But Kanye West might’ve experience difficulties with his 2020 presidential election run following particulars that was recently claimed the rapper net worth didn’t meet one of the credentials for any candidate running for office.

However, Kanye West is currently bragging for newly welcomed billionaire status. According to verified report from Dailymail, Kanye West attempts to cash in on presidential run by releasing pricey merchandise., before making dubious claim he has gone from debt to net worth of $5BILLION.

The news came after earlier report from Amahiphop. Kanye West is attempting to cash in on his 2020 Vision presidential run by releasing pricey merchandise on Wednesday night despite not actually being on the campaign trail. However hours later the 43-year-old rapper bragged about having a net worth of $5billion after being millions in debt.

Kanye launched an online merchandise store and campaign site which included $60 hats and $160 hoodies during the Vice Presidential Debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris.

Kanye West 2020 vision campaign ( $60 hats and $160 hoodies )

Below you can also see Kanye West bragging his new Net worth on Twitter.  ‘From $53 million (Before) in debt to a net worth of $5 billion (Now) in 4 years. Thank you, Jesus. I know I fall short, but I repent. I am fully in service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Kanye Billionaire Rapper on Twitter

The All Of The Lights hitmaker promoted his new campaign site and newly released products by recording a video where he had his 2020 Vision campaign hats held in front the heads of the two vice presidential candidates as they viewed the debates on Kanye’s massive screen.

Kanye also released a summary of his presidential platform on the website which included restoring prayer in the classroom, equality in the criminal justice system, reducing debt, and focus on environmental causes. On Thursday morning Kanye shared a screenshot of an OK Magazine headline which read: ‘NEWLY RELEASED PERSONAL FINANCES ESTIMATE KANYE WEST’S NET WORTH AT $5 BILLION.’

Meanwhile Kanye West despite been pronounced as billionaire rapper by Forbe, not many accepts the fact until his new launched an online merchandise store. Jay-Z was the first hip-hop mogul with billionaire status. But Kanye who is notable rival is finally celebrating with Hov.

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