Ja Rule and 50 Cent Beef Afflicted with Robbery and Video Shoot

50 Cent and Ja Rule famous beef is a whole lot of forever foe. Not just that Ja Rule and Cent sworn to beef like everlasting but both have been maintaining their adversary status since 1999 then rekindled in 2005.

50 Cent hated Ja Rule and Murder Inc. label and said his Ja Rule beef erupted after Ja Rule was confronted by a man with gun. The robbery man gunpoint him Ja Rule who was shooting a music video and in Jamaica.

For the fact that Ja Rule himself latter saw 50 and the man who stole his jewelry during the video scene, he insist that was not why both were beefing but noted it is because of 50 Cent didn’t join a music video. Although he was mad seeing the same man who robbed him with 50 Cent.

Asking Ja Rule the why then he tell you that 50 Cent was snubbed by Rule’s Murder Inc. label during a video shoot for the single “Murda 4 Life,” and he got angry. Not even the robbery as 50 Cent claimed.

The two who have had physical altercation is beefing because video shoot or roberry just like both thinks respectively.

50 Cent diss tracks to Ja Rule includes this most diss songs of Fiddy, “Wanksta,” 2003’s “I Smell P***y” and “Back Down,” while Ja Rule gather lot of gems rap and released his 50 Cent diss song “Loose Change.”

Ja Rule Loose Change song is why Eminem, Busta Rhymes and Dr. Dre him because this rappers are 50 Cent’s inner circles. Loose Change was fired back with a different diss track from 50 Cent, Eminem and Busta Rhymes using Hail Mary.

One of the worst thing 50 Cent done to Ja Rule during their beef was to buy about 200 tickets of Ja Rule simply to make sure those seats are empty.

Why 50 Cent can’t make peace with Ja Rule is simply following how Ja and his crew tried to kill him, stabbing after they visited him.

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